1.    Introduction

This guide provides the installation process required to be performed for MailBuddy-Call application to be activated and used


2.    Hardware & Software Requirements

Make sure that the Laptop / PC for MailBuddy-Call installation meets the following Requirements


3.    Installing MailBuddy-Call

  • Extract the Setup file of MailBuddy-Call containing the Windows Installer Package (.msi) of 32 bit or 64 bit to a preferred location in the local disk
  • Run the Setup package called Setup.msi
  • MailBuddy-Call setup wizard dialog box appears

 MailBuddy call Setup Wizard


  • Press Next
  • Select Installation Folder of the user choice or leave in default and press next

 Installation Folder


  • In the Confirm installation dialog box click next to start the installation

  Confirm Installation


  • Give user control in windows as yes

 User Account Control


  • MailBuddy-Call starts to install

MailBuddy Call install in progress


  • During the installation, a verification dialog box appears

 Email Verification from Server


  • Here the user needs to enter his/her email address for verification
  • If the user’s email address is registered in the MailBuddy Server it gets verified

 Email Verification Success


  • Else Contact MailBuddy Admin for email verification
  • Then the installation is completed

 Installation Completed


  • Reboot your System
  • A shortcut to MailBuddy-Call in desktop will appear
  • And the user can save the Hot key configuration of their choice

 MailBuddy Call

  • The MailBuddy-Call will be running in background automatically when Windows starts up
  • As a one-time process for the first time the user must go to the search bar in windows and type choose default app for each protocol


 Default application by protocol


  • In these settings in the left pane CALLTO function will be there, straight parallel to it there is the Default app option  choose an application (Microsoft Teams) as default

Choose Microsoft Teams