Many of our Microsoft Teams customers repeatedly ask us about a tool which you can use in order to automatically dial telephone numbers – in order to be able to click on telephone numbers, for example, in e-mail signatures, Internet sites, but also in other digital sources such as Word, Excel and Windows so that they can be directly dialled in Microsoft Teams – naturally as easily as possible without having to manually copy or type in the number.

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If you use MS Teams in order to make outgoing calls upon a regular basis, you will understand the pains of copying and inputting telephone numbers upon a regular basis.
A function which is very often requested on Microsoft Teams phone system projects is the automatic dial. A user highlights a telephone number and searches for a shortcut in order to initiate a call with Microsoft Teams for this highlighted number.

With MailBuddy-Call, this is now possible.

Cost and Time Savings

Experience a truly uniform communication process with MailBuddy-Call in Microsoft Teams. Work more intelligently with the click-to-dial function.


Your MS Teams account must have the authorisation to dial telephone numbers

(assigned telephone system license) and a functioning trunk must be configured for the O365-Tenant (direct routing trunk or calling plan)

Each telephone number which can be highlighted can be dialled with the MailBuddy-Call in Teams.

It works with most applications from Microsoft Office 365, text editors, mail clients and Internet browsers.

Highlight the telephone number as well as possible.

Press the configured hotkey (Standard [F8]).
A small pop-up window will appear and display the interpreted number in the correct E164 format.

The existing extra characters such as colons, forward slashes, hyphens and blank spaces will be automatically removed. Thus, no corrections will need to be made.

Changes to the telephone number will no longer be necessary.

Thus, the expenditures will be extraordinarily reduced.

Press [Enter] or click on {Yes} in order to dial or press [Esc] or click on {No} in order to abort the call.

Seamless work within the trusted Microsoft Teams’ user interface